At NIT, we know what its like when your tenants leave – they know they are leaving and often take very poor care, if any care, of the property you have invested so much in in their last few weeks.


We know this is a challenging time – and the house is meant to look as good as possible for the new tenant, the estate agents or for people just looking to view the property.

We are very confident that we can deliver absolutely spotless, detailed clean – and we are confident of operating within your time requirements.

Our work will include: full house vacuuming, all bathrooms cleaned and wiped down with the best detergents, kitchen surfaces, tiling, steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning – and the same high-quality work on sofas, mattresses, curtains, rugs, armchairs and dining chairs not to mention fumigation services if required.

At NIT, we aim to make your property look as good as possible before the new tenant moves in – or before the new viewers come to see if it is a property that they would wish to live in.

We aim to offer you peace of mind too – we aim to perform our job efficiently so that you are able to fully concentrate on other aspects of your move – the paperwork or the marketing side of the transaction. In short, we are one less thing to stress about on your moving day.