Stone facades make the most beautiful type of building in the world. Rich vibrant colours can be found when the stone has been cleaned free from atmospheric contaminants and organic matter growth. Notice the smile on your employees and visitors faces when they see your magnificent, clean stone building.


You should consider using an experienced stone cleaning company, one who has many years of stone cleaning experience as you cannot afford to choose the wrong type of cleaning company who may use the wrong method.

Once you know the type of stone you have on your building, Granite, Bath Stone, Sand Stone, Lime Stone or perhaps Portland Stone or other then you need to call in an expert exterior building stone cleaning company who can arrange the very best cleaning method for the substrate and the contaminants on it which you require removing.

Different types of organic matter, atmospheric pollutants or manmade problems may be evident on your buildings stone surfaces. There are a great deal of options to choose how to remove them gently, safely and effectively. Often there are access issues which first need to be addressed – do you need a MEWP, access scaffold tower or something completely different – each building will be totally unique in regards to this.