Dirty moss filled roof? We can remove moss and treat the cause on any type of roof. We provide a safe cost effective roof cleaning service delivered on time and within budget. Moss if left untreated on roofs can turn into potentially expensive problems. We can prevent this.


Moss Removal

Moss, lichen and algae on a roof disturb the flow of rainwater across the roof surface. Growth thrives where the supply of moisture is best and establishes itself where the slates overlap, especially along the lower edge (the tail end) of the slate. It becomes a self-perpetuating problem and this can lead to a host of associated problems.

The main problems are listed below:-

  • More moss, lichen and algae growth
  • Water retention by roof tiles – this can lead to damp areas internally
  • Roof tiles may crack because of frost penetration
  • The roof may look unsightly due to dirt and pollutants